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Brett Favre Eagles Rumor, NFL Lockout Update, and James Spader Joining The Office


The Omelette Thursday July 7, 2011

Brett Favre To Sign With Eagles?

Brett Favre may be making a return to the NFL for his 21st season. Could he be returning to the Eagles though?

There is nothing official and it's just purely conjecture at this point, but Garry Cobb wrote on his site today the possibility of Brett Favre coming to the Eagles as a backup to Michael Vick and why it makes sense. This isn't based on any news coming out of the organization though. Rather, Cobb is basing this on the mid-afternoon show on 610 WIP hosted by Anthony Gargano and Glenn Macnow - where Gargano discussed the possibility of Favre coming to the Eagles. 

At this point it's all conjecture, but in the downtime during the NFL Lockout we have to talk about something don't we?

Now...how about the NFL Lockout?

On another note, the end of the NFL Lockout could in fact come as soon as this weekend. The framework for a new CBA could be wrapped up by Friday before the key mediator District Judge Arthur Boylan goes on vacation this weekend.

James Spader To Join The Office Full-time

In what I think is a brilliant move, NBC will be bringing on James Spader onto the cast of The Office. They won't gimmick it up and make him the permanent replacement for Michael Scott, which is a good thing.

I've said all along that the replacement for Michael Scott should be Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson). That story arc should come about organically and not be contrived.

James Spader as you may remember played a complete and utter A-hole (Robert California) in the season finale as he interviewed for position vacated by Michael Scott.

Spader was hilarious and completely irreverant. And, I wanted more as did many other fans of The Office. Apparently NBC noticed and they'll bring Spader aboard to at first take over as manager. But, within hours he'll become the new CEO of Sabre - replacing Kathy Bates. It's a great move by NBC as they won't try to fill Steve Carell's shoes with a star, but rather work in a great supporting character into the show.

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