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Stocks Fall Again Today, Child Predator Warren Jeffs Sentenced to Life, and Cliff Lee Leads Phillies


 The Omelette Wednesday August 10, 2011

Stock Market Back Down Today

After yesterday's slight recovery of over 400 points, stocks went tumbling back down again today.

In early trading the Dow Jones is down almost 400 points today. One of the big losers today is  of course banks, which are getting hammered.

Many experts are now increasing the risk of another recession. Some say there's a 25 to 35% chance of the double dip recession becoming a reality. Should a "Recession 2.0" hit, this one could be worse than the one we experienced in 2008-2009 since the government is in shambles and without the resources they had last time.

Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Sentenced to Life in Prison

Child Sexual Predator and Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for sexually assaulting two chlidren he married.

The so-called reglious leader and pedophile attempted to use his religion to justify his disgusting sex crimes. During his trial the prosecution played tapes where Jeffs reportedly told these young girls that they would be punished by God if they didn't satisfy him sexually.

The young girls were aged 12 and 15. Added to that, Warren Jeffs fathered a child with the older girl. Warren Jeffs' niece (who was molested by this child predator) has come out publicly and stated that he belongs in prison. 

Warren Jeffs will remain in charge of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Cliff Lee Leads Phillies to Win Over Dodgers

Phillies ace Cliff Lee not only pitched 8 scoreless innings last night, but he hit a homerun as well to lead the Phillies to the 2-1 victory.

The Phillies are now 8-1 on their 9-game west coast road trip and will look to make it 10-1 today as they take on the Dodgers at 3:10.

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