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Eagles Look Sharp Against Ravens, Stock Market Up Again Today, and Phillies are Back Home


The Omelette Friday August 12, 2011

Eagles' First Team Looks Sharp in 13-6 Win Over Ravens

The new-look Philadelphia Eagles took the field last night at Lincoln Financial Field for the first time this season. And, their 1st team offense and defense looked anything but rusty in the 13-6 win over the Ravens.

Despite giving up some big plays on the Ravens' opening drive, the defense held them to a field goal. Following that, Michael Vick led the Eagles down the field for a touchdown, going 4-for-6 in the process.

The first preseason game is about as vanilla as it gets. A.) - You hope the first teamers get in and out without any injuries. And, B.) - if they look good in the process - that's gravy.

And, the Eagles certainly accomplished A and B last night.

Stock Market Up Again Today

For the first time in history, the stock market had four consecutive days where there were 400 point swings. And, today it looks like the market will go up for two days in a row.

Just why is there some sudden optimism? Apparently consumers weren't as stingy like economists predicted. Consumer spending increased 0.5% last month.

The stock market plunged twice this week following the U.S. Credit downgrade and shaky news out of Europe. The market is up 130 points thus far today.

Phillies are Finally Back Home Tonight

After a 9-1 road trip, the Phillies are finally back home at The Bank.

They take on the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight with a huge pitching mismatch. Cole Hamels goes up against over-the-hill former ace Livian Hernandez. Yep, he's still in the big leagues folks after all these years. Hernandez is 6-1 with a 4.41 ERA.

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