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Stormy Weather in Philadelphia, Hurricane Irene Could Devastate New Jersey, and Eagles Browns Thursday Night


The Omelette Thursday August 25, 2011

Weather in Philadelphia is Stormy Once Again

In what is already the rainiest August in Philadelphia history things are about to get worse, much worse. Thunderstorms rocked the Philadelphia area this morning and will continue to do so later in the afternoon.

However, with Hurricane Irene on the horizon, things could get far worse on Sunday! The track of the storm will take it further west, which could doom south Jersey and much of the area.

August 2011 could go down as the rainiest month in history for the entire region. The City of Philadelphia is already making plans as the Phillies game on Sunday was canceled. Instead, the Phillies are scheduled to play a doubleader on Saturday.

Hurricane Irene Could Devastate New Jersey

Many parts of South Jersey were under a state of emergency earlier this month following days of torrential rains. And, the last thing New Jersey needs is a hurricane.

With Hurricane Irene set to be the strongest hurricane in years, this could put Jersey residents in peril.

Jersey Shore residents and officials are beginning to make plans as this looks like it could be a very serious weather event on Sunday. In fact, New Jersey will face flooding even if Hurricane Irene doesn't make a direct hit.

Eagles Browns Set to Play Thursday Night at Lincoln Financial Field

The final test for the Eagles first team offense and defense comes tonight at the Linc as they take on the Cleveland Browns at 7:30.

While the Browns are anything but the New England Patriots, it will give the Birds first teamers a boost of confidence if they can make it through the first three quarters with a few touchdown drives and some stops. Most importantly, they need to get out of this game without any major injuries.

Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Brent Celek are expected to play into the third quarter. Jeremy Maclin (who just returned to the team) isn't expected to play though. Maclin is however expected to possibly play in game one against the Rams.

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