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Eagles Sign Michael Vick, Hurricane Irene Killing Spree, and Cole Hamels Sharp in Return


The Omelette Tuesday August 30, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles Sign Michael Vick to 6-Year $100 Million Contract

Just two years after returning to the NFL and resurrecting his career as a starter last season, Michael Vick has once again become a $100 million man.

Last night, the Eagles agreed to a contract extension with their star quarterback for 6 years and $100 million along with $40 million guaranteed.

At 31 years old, Vick is in the prime of his career and will likely finish his career as a Philadelphia Eagle.

He accounted for 30 total touchdowns last year (21 passing/9 rushing) and 3700 yards in total offense.

Michael Vick's financial problems are well documented and he still owes $19 million to creditors and has numerous other expenses related to his bankruptcy. According to Business Insider, much of his new contract has already been spent.

Murder Spree During Hurricane Irene Likely Fueled by Divorce

Over the weekend, Army officer Leonard John Egland went on a murder spree which took him across several states, while claiming the lives of 4 people. Making matters worse, he brought his daughter along for the Hurricane Irene murder spree.

A divorce likely fueled his murder spree - which took him from Virginia to Pennsylvania during the hurricane. Egland murdered his ex-wife, ex-mother-in-law, his ex-wife's boyrfriend, and the boyfriend's young son before killing himself on Sunday.

Egland also shot at a police officer on Saturday night during his highway-to-hell murder rampage. He made his way to the Philadelphia suburb of Jamison, where he was found dead on Sunday behind a gas station.

His daughter was found unharmed after Egland reportedly left her at a hospital in Quakertown. 

Cole Hamels Sharp in Return

The Phillies were finally back on the field after a 3-day layoff and took on the Reds in Cincinnati.

Cole Hamels pitched six innings and struck out seven last night in his return from the DL. It was Hamels' first start in over 2 weeks. The Phillies came out on top 3-2.

The Phillies began their month-long finale in which they will play a whopping 33 games in 31 days thanks to Hurricane Irene.

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