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Philadelphia Eagles Mike Patterson Has AVM and Mayor Nutter and Charles Ramsey Have Plan for "Flash Mobs"


The Omelette Thursday August 4, 2011

Eagles Mike Patterson Has Brain Condition Called AVM

By now you're aware that Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson suffered a seizure during practice yesterday. He was rushed to Lehigh Hospital yesterday and doing OK.

After heading to Philadelphia for further tests, doctors determined that he has a condition called an AVM, which led to the seizure yesterday. An AVM is an ateriovenous malformation and potentially very serious or deadly. Like an anuerysm, an AVM can rupture, causing death.

For those of you who watched HBO's show "Six Feet Under" you'll remember that the lead character Nate Fisher (played by Peter Krause) died from an AVM rupture.

I'm not a doctor, but Mike Patterson's career could be in jeopardy when you consider that his life is at stake. Any serious hit could cause the AVM to rupture and potentially result in death.

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Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Ramsey Have Plan for "Flash Mobs"

A series of violent riots have taken place in Philadelphia, which has put many citizens on edge, both within and outside the city of Philadelphia. In fact, I know many people who won't go down to Philadelphia any longer because of the threats of violence.

Authorities refer to these outbursts as "flash mobs" but in reality a flash mob is a peaceful organization of people who perform a dance or other choreographed, unusual routine. And, they are organized via social networks. That's about the only similarity to these recent violent riots, which were organized on Twitter and Facebook.

After the most recent riot, which took place on South Street, Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Charles Ramsey are vowing to put more police patrol in Center City in order to combat another potential outbreak.

Hopefully police do whatever it takes to put these punks in there place. If it means "police brutality" then so be it. Enough is enough for Philadelphia's string of violence.

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