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Mayor Nutter Rips Parents over Teen Mob Attacks, Dow Jones Rises Today, and Roy Halladay Wins 15th


The Omelette Tuesday August 9, 2011

Mayor Nutter Rips Parents Over "Flash Mob" Violence

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter went on the warpath yesterday morning during a press conference, where he addressed the recent string of violent riots being dubbed "flash mobs" by the media and authorities. If you read the Omelette regularly you'll know that I don't fall into the trap that many in the media do, by referring to these riots as flash mobs.

These are not "flash mobs" by definition. While they are organized via social media outlets (like true flash mobs) - they are merely violent riots being orchestrated by violent wannabe thugs. MyFoxPhilly has an article today where they refer to them as "violent teen mob attacks." That is a more accurate definition.

Mayor Nutter has had enough of the riots and ripped the black community yesterday. First he said these kids are "damaging their race." And, he went on blast the parents of these kids involved in the violent riots - calling many of them "human ATMs." Added to that he called the men who don't even spend time with their kids "human sperm donors."

It's refreshing to hear the Mayor be so candid and call out the parents over this string of violence involving mostly black teenagers. I don't agree with the Mayor on many things, but he gets an A+ for taking a stand and speaking the truth about these mob attacks.

Dow Jones Rises After 600-Point Loss on Monday

One day after the Stock Market took a 600-point dip (it's worst loss since December 2008), it has recovered slightly today - gaining over 200 points in early trading. In fact, the Dow Jones, S & P 500, and Nasdaq are all up on the day.

Just why is the market heading up today? Investors are awaiting a Federal Reserve Report, which will be released later this afternoon following a Central Bank Meeting.

The Federal Reserve is expected to announce a plan to reinvigorate the economy following S & P's downgrade of U.S. Credit.

Roy Halladay WIns NL-Best 15th Game in Win Against Dodgers

The Phillies are finally wrapping up their epic West coast road trip by taking on the Dodgers this week. Roy Halladay led the way last night in the 5-3 win and notched his 15th win of the season.

The Phillies are now 7-1 on their 10-game road trip.

They will go back at it tonight at 10:10. Cliff Lee will take the hill against Ted Lily.

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Photo of Mayor Nutter from Rueters