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Reno Nevada Air Show Crash Results in Mass Casualties and Phillies Don't Clinch NL East


The Omelette Saturday September 17, 2011

Reno Air Crash Disaster Results in Mass Casualties

A plane traveling at over 400 miles an hour crashed into a grandstand last night at an air show in Reno Nevada resulting in mass casualties. As of right now they are saying three people were killed including renown Hollywood pilot Jimmy Leeward.

More than 50 other people were injured and several of them seriously after the plane crashed right into a crowd leaving debris scattered everywhere. One account by a spectator is that a person was split in half and there was blood everywhere and just complete carnage.

At least 15 people were injured critically and the death toll could certainly rise. By many accounts it appears the plane suffered a malfunction and took a nosedive straight into the ground leaving Leeward with very little time to avoid crashing near the crowd. The LA Times have several photos at the Reno Air show and you can see the plane descending very rapidly.

FAA investigators are due to arrive in Reno today to determine why the vintage WWII airplane crashed.

Phillies Don't Clinch NL East

The Phillies offense and bullpen crumbled last night in a 4-2 loss against the Cardinals leaving them with a magic number of 1 to clinch the NL East.

Antonio Bastardo struggled once again and gave up a go-ahead homerun. However, the Phillies knotted up the game at 2 a piece with some 9th inning heroics provided by Carlos Ruiz.

Joe Vallee writes today that the Phillies need to get Antonio Bastardo's issues ironed out quickly. The playoffs start 2 weeks from today.

With a win today, the Phillies will clinch their 5th consecutive NL East Crown.

Thumbnail Photo from NYTimes.com

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