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Howard Eskin's Last Show on 610 WIP and Howard Stern Killed 94 WYSP


The Omelette Friday September 2, 2011

Howard Eskin's Final Show on 610 WIP Today

This past week Howard Eskin had his 25th anniversary show on 610 WIP. And, today it will be his last on WIP. The storied sports talk station will transform into 94 WIP starting this Monday, marking the end of 94 WYSP's 38 year reign as a rock station in Philadelphia.

"The King" of sports talk radio will not leave Philly radio for good though. He insists that he will remain on the station in a smaller capacity - as a sideline reporter for Eagles games, sitting in on Eagles pregame shows, and even hosting shows from time-to-time.

Eskin said yesterday that there are definitely some national radio opportunities that he can pursue. Which, leaves open the question - just where will Howard Eskin end up? There aren't any solid rumors as of yet, but it would stand to reason that satellite radio could be a destination for The King since he wants to "go national."

Starting Monday, Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow will slide into Eskin's 3:00 P.M. spot. CBS Radio is hoping that the addition of an FM signal will counter 97.5 The Fanatic and 950 AM, which have been winning the ratings war for the past few years.

Howard Stern Killed 94 WYSP

Howard Stern recently stated on his show that he is the reason for 94 WYSP's demise. Since he left in 2006, the station has been unable to come up with an answer for it's morning programming, which in the end hurt the station's ratings during the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve dominate morning ratings and set up the rest of the shows during the day. WYSP simply couldn't compete and died.

Stern is right though. He was the King of the mornings in Philly for decades. Since he left - WYSP was good as dead. From David Lee Roth to Danny Bonnaduce - WYSP was clueless when it came to morning programming. They had a chance with Opie and Anthony, but didn't give them enough time when they were back on in 2006.

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