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Michael Vick Concussion, Tom Capano Dies in Prison, and Phillies Clinch Homefield Advantage


The Omelette Tuesday September 20, 2011

Michael Vick Suffers Concussion...Doubtful For Week 3

Despite some bloggers putting out fake rumors about Michael Vick being done for the season, he has not even been ruled out this Sunday.

Vick was injured in the third quarter of Sunday night's game in Atlanta when he accidentally collided with Todd Herremans.

Philadelphia Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder said that there isn't a timetable for his return as of yet. According to sources, the Eagles felt that his concussion was mild, but they pulled him out of the game for precautionary reasons.  It's likely he'll be out this Sunday.

High Profile Murderer Tom Capano Dies in Prison

Tom Capano, a prominent attorney who was serving life in prison for the murder of Anne Marie Fahey died of an apparent heart attack yesterday.

Capano was convicted of murdering his then-mistress after she decided to break off their relationship. Following a jealous rage he shot her then dumped her body in the ocean.

Capano was 61 years old.

Phillies Clinch Homefield Advantage With Loss By Brewers

The Phillies lost again to the Cardinals last night, but still clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs after the Brewers lost.

Should the Phillies reach the World Series, they'll have homefield advantage all throughout the playoffs since the NL won the All-Star game.

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