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Phillies Knock off Braves, Michael Vick's Hand Bruised, and Chris Christie's Possible Presidential Run


The Omelette Tuesday September 26, 2011

Phillies Knock Off Braves for 100th Win and Cardinals Lose

The Phillies extended their winning (non-losing) streak to two games with a win over the Braves last night. Cliff Lee answered the call and led the Phillies to their 100th win in a 4-2 victory in Atlanta.

Heading into last night's game Atlanta held a one-game lead over St. Louis for the Wild Card spot. The Astros knocked off the Cardinals 5-4 though, so the Braves' lead stands at one game.

This begs the question. Would you rather the Phillies knock off Atlanta and regain some momentum following their 8-game losing streak? Or, would you rather they lose and force the Cardinals out of the playoffs? It can be argued that the Cardinals could knock off the Phillies in the first round.

Michael Vick's Hand Not Broken After All...Just a Bruise

The Eagles home-opener loss to the Giants was an utter disaster. After going into halftime with a 16-14 lead they fell apart like a cheap entertainment center in the second half and had no answers for Eli Manning.

Had Michael Vick gone down with a broken hand, he could have been out for 3 weeks or more. Turns out it's just a bruised hand (on his non-throwing hand) and he could return this Sunday against the 49ers. It's not a definite he'll start under center, but certainly encouraging news - now that he won't stand to miss more than one game.

Will Chris Christie Run for President?

The Republican Party is practically begging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to throw his name in the hat for a 2012 Presidential run. Knowing that Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are fragmatizing figures and that Mitt Romney only stirs up moderate interest - they are turning to someone who gives them a solid chance against Barack Obama.

Chris Christie is a level-headed politician who has support from both the left and the right. Added to that, he doesn't succumb to the religious right like many of his conservative counterparts.

Christie has denied any desire to run at this point, but don't be surprised to see him throw his name into the ring before long.

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