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Flyers GM Paul Holmgren Injured in Bike Accident, Tiki Barber Not Returning to NFL, and Cliff Lee Shuts Out Atlanta


The Omelette Tuesday September 6, 2011

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren Seriously Injured in Bicycle Accident

The Labor Day Weekend ended in horrific fashion for Flyers GM Paul Holmgren, who was seriously injured in a bicycle accident on Sunday evening in New Jersey. Details of the accident are sketchy, but Holmgren was reportedly pretty banged up when he was admitted to Cooper Hospital in Camden.

Holmgren suffered multiple fractures and lacerations which required stitches. He was wearing his helmet fortunately.

From the sound of it, Holmgren should be fine in a few months. He didn't suffer any head injuries or sustain any life-threatening internal injuries.

The Flyers have not given a statement yet and don't have any updates on their website about Holmgren's condition.

Tiki Barber Won't Make a Return to the NFL

Former Giants running back Tiki Barber will not be making a comeback to the NFL. After all 32 teams showed zero interest in the former Pro Bowl running back, he decided to call off his comeback.

Barber should not be "shocked" by this at all - as he and his agent are shocked that not one NFL team was interested in his services. He has been away from the game for five years and last played in 2006. He should have thought about this before stepping away from the game when he was in his prime and arguably the best running back in football.

Now, Barber reportedly has money problems and is most likely kicking himself after his failed broadcasting career has left him up the creek without a paddle. Barber could have played for another contract and would be in a much better financial situation.

Cliff Lee Shuts out the Braves as Phillies Win Game One 9-0

Cliff Lee tossed his sixth shutout of the season last night as the Phillies destroyed the Braves 9-0 in game one of this 3-game series.

Joe Vallee writes today that Cliff Lee may be the front-runner for the Cy Young Award, ahead of fellow Phillie Roy Halladay. According to Joe, "In August, Lee joined Hall of Famers Walter Johnson and Bob Gibson as the only pitchers to go at least 5-0 in two separate months in one season with no losses and an ERA under 1.00. Lee also went 5-0 in June with a 0.21 ERA."

The Phillies and Braves will go at it tonight at 7:05 as Vance Worley takes the hill against Tim Hudson.

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Photo of Paul Holmgren from flyers.com

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