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Joe Paterno Honored At Memorial Service and Mayor Nutter Offers Bounty for Murderers in Philadelphia


The Omelette Friday January 27, 2012

Joe Paterno Memorial Held at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center

Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno was honored in a wonderful memorial at Penn State's Bryce Jordan center yesterday.

Penn State players from five decades spoke at the memorial and acknowledged the man who was more than just a coach, and who taught them success with honor.

12,000 people attended the memorial, where many people spoke - including Nike founder Phil Knight.

Joe Paterno's son Jay spoke for nearly half an hour and reflected on his Dad, focusing on him as a husband, father, and grandfather.

Mayor Nutter Talks Tough About Philadelphia's Horrid Murder Spree

Suffice it to say, 2012 has been an absolute disaster for the city of Philadelphia. Murders are occurring at a rate of over one per day. Teenagers are randomly attacking people on the street and beating them to death. And, of course run-of-the-mill drug dealers are knocking each other off left and right.

And, if you do give the cops information about some thug who knocks someone off, then you end up dead like Rosemary Fernandez-Rivera.

Mayor Nutter is talking tough and vowing to rid the city of the filth. We've heard this before, but this time Nutter is offering rewards of up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of these animals.

Nutter proclaimed that he's "putting a bounty on the head" of the murderers in Philly.

I'm skeptical of anything coming out of City Hall at this point. This city has done a terrible job at protecting the public and the violence continues to get worse. At this point  would it be out of line to suggest Martial Law be declared?

When you have a large part of the populace which embraces the "don't snitch" philosophy more than tough talk is the answer. You have to physically alter the culture of this crime-ridden city.

So far this year, 29 people have been murdered in Philadelphia.

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