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Whitney Houston's Cause of Death Unknown, Randy Moss Eagles Rumors, and Sixers Win


The Omelette Tuesday February 14, 2012 Valentine's Day

Whitney Houston's Cause of Death Unknown

It is still unknown as to what Whitney Houston's cause of death was. All signs point to an accidental drug overdose, but autopsy results won't be released for a few weeks.

Randy Moss Returning to Football and Interested in the Eagles

Randy Moss announced he's returning to the NFL for the 2012 season and reports are that Moss wants to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

There were also reports that Plaxico Burress wanted to come to Philly as well.

Sixers Defeat the Hapless Bobcats

The Sixers continued their winning ways with a 98-89 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night. They wound up with their 20th victory of the season.

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