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Fat Tuesday 2012 Marks End of Mardis Gras and Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday


The Omelette Tuesday February 21, 2012 - Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday 2012 Marks the End of Mardi Gras as Ash Wednesday Nears

Today marks "Fat Tuesday" 2012 otherwise known as the last day of Mardi Gras when millions of Americans will stuff themselves and partake in plenty of drinking. For those who observe Lent - today is the last day to go all out for a while. 

Starting tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, Lent begins. Christians and Catholics will have to give up something they like for 40 days. Generally this means giving up eating meat or some other luxury.

For those who aren't heading out to the local bar or pub to partake in Fat Tuesday celebrations, you can also make a feast at home. 

Here are some great Fat Tuesday recipe suggestions ranging from Creole Black Beans n' sausage to Creole Jambalaya.

Or, if you want to play it safe and party at home, here are some Fat Tuesday party ideas.

So even though you're not in New Orleans, today it's Mardi Gras everywhere throughout our fine country. CBSlocal has a list of the top 5 places to celebrate Mardi Gras in the Philly area.

Have fun and most of all - be safe!

Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday...46 Days Before Easter

Tomorrow marks Ash Wednesday, which is 46 days before Easter. Last year, Easter came rather late - falling on April 24th. If you are asking "When is Easter in 2012?" - here is the scoop.

This year, Easter Sunday 2012 will fall on Sunday April 8th.

Mardi Gras photo from blog.gigmasters.com

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