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Leap Year 2012, Chardon High School Shooting Not Result of Bullying, and Rick Santorum Loses to Mitt Romney


The Omelette Wednesday February 29, 2012 Leap Day

Leap Day 2012...What is the Purpose of Leap Year?

Today marks Leap Day, the 29th day of February, which occurs every four years. If you are 40 years old today, you are celebrating just your 10th birthday.

What is the purpose of this 366th day? A complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. Thus, every four years an extra 24 hours have accumulated, which requires one extra day to be added to the calender to keep the count coordinated with the sun's apparent position.

Leap Day was added during the Julian reform of the calender well before any of us were even born - back in 45 BC.

What is the economic impact of a leap day?

The impact is minimal when you consider there are no special events on this 366th day? It's really just another day and adds just .27% more economic activity for the entire year.

Chadron High School Shooting in Ohio: Shooter Randomly Picked Victims

Authorities insist that T.J. Lane, the gunman who killed three students at a high school in Chardon Ohio, was not bullied. Instead the authorities assert that T.J. Lane chose his victims randomly.

According to prosecutor David Joyce, "This is not about bullying. This is not about drugs. This is someone who is not well...[Lane] confessed to taking the pistol and admitted he went into the cafeteria and shot 10 rounds," Joyce said. "[He said he] did not know the students, but chose them randomly."

Authorities will try T.J. Lane as an adult.

Mitt Romney Defeats Rick Santorum in Michigan and Arizona

Rick Santorum has been gaining momentum in the past few weeks against Republican favorite Mitt Romney. However, Mitt Romney defeated Santorum in  Michigan (Romney's home state) and Arizona last night.

He edged Santorum by a 41% to 38% margin in Michigan, while taking 47% of the votes in Arizona to just 27% for Santorum.

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