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Quotes of the Week: Ryan Seacrest on Dick Clark's Passing, Phillip Humber on His Perfect Game, and Sidney Crosby's Glove Incident


The Omelette Sunday April 22, 2012 Quotes of the Week

Ryan Seacrest Gives Emotional Statement Following Dick Clark's Passing

Without Dick Clark, there would be no American Idol according to Ryan Seacrest. He commented on his mentor's death this week and was quite emotional.

Seacrest said, "We can't begin tonight's show without acknowledging the passing of a television pioneer and my dear friend Dick Clark. Without Dick, a show like this would not exist. He will be missed greatly. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to his family."

Seacrest continued, pointing to his watch, "I know that he's in a better place, saying, 'Hey let's get on with the show.' You got it, boss!"

White Sox Pitcher Phillip Humber Tosses Perfect Game

White Sox pitcher Phillip Humber tossed the first no-hitter of the season. Not only that, but it was a perfect game as well - just the 21st in MLB history.

Humber commented after the performance, “I don’t know what to say...And don’t know what Philip Humber is doing in this list. I have no idea what my name is doing there. But I’m thankful it’s there."

Humber becomes the third pitcher for the Chicago White Sox to throw a perfect game. Former White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle tossed 2 no-hitters while he pitched for them, including a perfect game in 2009, and Charlie Robertson threw one for the Sox way back in 1922. This is the first perfect game pitched in the big leagues since Roy Halladay's perfecto in 2010.

Sidney Crosby Makes Some Classless Remarks Following Game 3 Loss to Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers' 8-4 demolition of the Penguins in game 3 was ugly. It wasn't ugly because of the Flyers' play though, which was spectacular. The Penguins were flat out disgraceful and threw cheap shot after cheap shot during the game.The game got so ugly that the so-called "greatest player in the league" Sidney Crosby pulled the ultimate bush league move in kicking a glove on the ice.

Crosby (a poster child for petulant children) kicked Jakub Voraceck's glove down the ice and even defended this childish act after the game. Crosby told the reporters, "I don't like them....I do not like anyone on their team."

The Flyers hold a 3-2 series lead heading into their matchup today.

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