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Celtics End Sixers Playoff Run, Memorial Day Weekend Brings Beyonce to Atlantic City, and Etan Patz Killer


The Omelette Sunday May 27, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers' Playoff Run Comes to an End

The Philadelphia Sixers' improbable playoff run came to an end last night in Boston as they lost 85-75.Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo had a stellar game, finishing with a trible-double as he notched 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. Andre Iguodala had 18 points for the Sixers, while Elton Brand and Jrue Holiday finished with 15 points each.

This offseason the Sixers will have to focus on bringing a scorer aboard. This means they can take advantage of the NBA's new amnesty clause by cutting Elton Brand. This will free up $18 million on the payroll and allow them to become players in free agency.

Memorial Day 2012 Weekend Brings Beyonce to Atlantic City

Memorial Day weekend got underway at the Jersey shore and brought many celebrities to Atlantic City's "Revel" resort for Beyonce's concert. Beyonce performed there last night at Revel's Ovation Hall. The event drew many high-profile people including First Lady Michelle Obama, NJ Governor Chris Christie, actress Maria Bello, and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice - who was a standout at Rutgers.

The Killer of Etan Patz is Possibly From South Jersey

The investigation into the murder of Etan Patz heated up about a month ago. The murder of Patz served as a catalyst for putting children's faces on milk cartons. Now they may have found Etan Patz's killer, a south Jersey resident named Pedro Hernandez.

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