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L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup and Jerry Sandusky Trial Begins


The Omelette Tuesday June 12, 2012

LA Kings Win Stanley Cup: Worst Nightmare For Many Flyers Fans

The L.A. Kings finished off the New Jersey Devils last night and won the Stanley Cup with a resounding 6-1 victory. Former Flyers Mike Richards, Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter now have won one more Stanley Cup than the Flyers have in the past 37 years. For many Flyers fans, this scenario is a worst nightmare and proves there is no justice in the Philadelphia sports universe.

Kings goalie Johnathan Quick was the main reason for the Kings' surprise run to the Stanley Cup, as they made the playoffs as an 8th seed. He was named playoff MVP for his amazing playoff heroics, yielding just an average of 1.41 goals per game.

The Kings became the first NHL team to ever win the Stanley Cup as a #8 seed and just the 2nd team to reach the Finals as an 8th seed. The only other team to make it was of course the Flyers, who lost to the Blackhawks two years ago.

The Kings have been dubbed the Flyers of the Western Conference as they feature many former Flyers on their team. And, their VP is former Flyers great Ron Hextall.

Did I mention that the Flyers haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1975? This is the longest drought for an NHL team in one of the major American cities. The Blackhawks, Bruins, Kings, and Rangers have each won titles since 1994.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Begins

The Jerry Sandusky trial began yesterday with graphic testimony, outlining his alleged abuse. One smoking gun emerged yesterday in the form of some "creepy love letters" signed by Sandusky. And, a report has emerged that former Penn State President Graham Spanier and Athletic Director Gary Schultz decided against turning Sandusky over to authorities in 2001.

One victim alleged that he was abused over several years and gave many graphic accounts during yesterday's testimony.

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