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Mike McQueary Testifies at Jerry Sandusky's Trial and Phillie Phanatic is Being Sued


The Omelette Wednesday June 13, 2012

Mike McQueary Testifies at Jerry Sandusky's Trial

Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified at Jerry Sandusky's trial yesterday. McQueary is the star witness for the prosecution, as he is the only eyewitness who actually (allegedly) saw Jerry Sandusky assaulting one of the alleged victims. McQueary testified for over an hour yesterday.

McQueary withstood the barrage from Sandusky's legal team as they tried to damage his credibility. The defense alleged that McQueary's inability to remember the year that this took place in, makes his story unbelievable.

Also, Victim 10 testified that Sandusky threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone about his sexual encounter.

Sandusky still denies any wrongdoing despite the graphic testimony.

Phillie Phanatic Being Sued By an Abington Woman

The Phillie Phanatic is being sued by a woman who claims he caused serious physical harm to her, when she was thrown into a pool two years ago.

Suzanne Peirce, of Abington, Pennsylvania, is suing the Phillies' mascot for injuries she sustained when he picked up the lounge chair in which she was sitting and threw her into a swimming pool at a hotel in July 2010.

Peirce is seeking unspecified compensation.

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Thumbnail Photo of Mike McQueary from AP