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Chase Utley Returning This Month, Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall Election, and Jerry Sandusky Trial to Begin


The Omelette Tuesday June 5, 2012 

Chase Utley Has Huge Game in Rehab Stint...Could Return In a Few Weeks

Chase Utley looked like his old self in extended spring training action on Monday. He belted a homer and had a double against the Yankees, going 3-for-4 on the day. He is still at least a few weeks away and not fielding, but is hitting without any pain. The Phillies are hopeful he can return around late-June.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Wisconsin Recall Election Victory Would Give Romney Huge Momentum

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's day of truth arrives today when the voters head to the polls to vote in an historic recall election. Walker goes up against Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in a rematch of the 2010 election. Scott Walker's huge fundraising advantage will put him in a good position to overtake Barrett tomorrow. Walker has been funded some $63.5 million, largely by out-of-state candidates - due to the national significance of this race.

Should Walker win today's recall, it will give Mitt Romney a huge boost against President Obama.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Set to Begin Today

After various delays, the trial of Jerry Sandusky is set to begin today- as the jury will be selected. His attorney Joe Amendola sought to have the trial pushed back numerous times and the latest attempt has been rejected by a top court. Sandusky is charged with molesting 10 children, although only 8 have been identified.

Sandusky maintains his innocence despite overwhelming evidence linking him to the horrific crimes. Furthermore, Jerry Sandusky's bizarre interview with Bob Costas doesn't bode well for his defense - particularly when he paused when asked if he desires children.

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Photo of Sandusky from msnbc.com