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Ryan's Dunn's Estate Faces Lawsuit and Andy Reid Speaks About Garrett Reid's Death


The Omelette Thursday August 8, 2012

Parent's of Zachary Hartwell Sue Ryan Dunn's Estate

The parents of Zachary Hartwell are suing Ryan Dunn's estate along with Barnaby's of West Chester. They allege that Dunn and Barnaby's were negligient. Dunn was heavily intoxicated at the time and Barnaby's presumably served him (knowing that he was drunk) despite claiming they didn't realize it at the time.

Dunn was driving an estimated 132 miles per hour when he crashed his Porsche into a tree off Route 322 in June of last year. Hartwell was riding with him at the time. Both were killed instantly when the car hit the tree and caught on fire. 

It's unclear how much the Hartwell's are seeking in return.

Andy Reid Speaks About Garrett Reid's Death on Wednesday

Eagles head coach Andy Reid delivered a powerful press conference on Wednesday when he spoke about his son Garrett Reid's death at Lehigh University.

He acknowledged that his son battled addiction over the years and ultimately lost. Despite Garrett Reid's problems, Andy Reid stated that you still must "love your son" regardless. 

One reporter even tried to pry Andy Reid for specific details when they asked a follow-up question to Reid about whether or not he had some info about the coroner's report. The reporter asked Andy Reid about his statement earlier in the week when he acknowledged that Garrett lost the battle and if he said that because he had information about the coroner's report. That was a little classless, but you have to expect some reporter to go there. Reid held his composure though and just said he wouldn't get into that.

In the end, Reid said he was humbled by the support from the fans and the Eagles organization. It's a horrific tragedy, but one that Andy Reid appears to take on. He said that with his faith and family they will all move through it.

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