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Christine O'Donnell Sets Bar For Mud-Slinging With Chris Coons "Tax Man" Ad


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Christine O'Donnell's political campaign has gotten downright funny. The O'Donnell camp has gone old school, as in old school mudslinging with their latest anti-Chris Coons political ad.

This might be the funniest political ad ever produced. What you are about to watch is comedic GOLD.

In this political ad entitled, "The Tax Man" - Coons is accused of wanting to raise property taxes 50%. And, he's even willing to tax 911 calls from cellphones. O'Donnell's camp brings back fond memories of classic mudslinging ads from the 1980's with this well-produced ad, which resembles a movie trailer. Added to that, they touch on a pop culture icon, by referencing the "Bed Intruder" viral video, also known as the "Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids" TV interview. Towards the end of the trailer the voice over says, "Hide Your Will. Hide Your Lights. 'Cause He's Taxing Everything Out Here." And, it ends with a shot of Chris Coons who is "The Tax Man."

Kudos to O'Donnell's camp for putting out an entertaining political ad. It's so ridiculous and over-the-top that it can't be taken seriously, but it scores an A+ in the entertainment department. On another note, maybe this will give Kristi Noem's challenger (Stephanie Herseth Sandlin) an idea. Since Noem is an abysmal driver and a hazard on the roadways, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's camp should produce a political ad entitled, "Deadly Driver."

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