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Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone Time Traveler: Puts Hanging Scene in The Wizard of Oz To Shame


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Charlie Chaplin is making the headlines once again, but not for something he did while he was alive. And, it doesn't involve even a scene in a movie he personally acted in, but rather an extra in one of his movies.

The Daily What broke news of the Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone Time Traveler a few days ago when they showed a clip of an extra walking in the background and holding (what appeared to be) a cellphone next to their ear. The scene took place in Charlie Chaplin's 1928 movie, "The Circus." When you watch it in slow motion and in close-up it's without a doubt bizarre, compelling, and haunting.

Now all hell is breaking loose and "charlie chaplin cell phone" and "charlie chaplin time traveler" are among the hottest search trends out there right now. When you analyze this scene there is no explanation for why this female extra is holding this device. Why in the world would someone be walking in a movie and holding an object up to their ear in 1928? It wouldn't be a walkie talkie. The walkie talkie wasn't fully patented by Motorola until 1951.

When I watched this, I couldn't help but think of a scene from "The Wizard of Oz." There was an infamous "hanging scene" in "The Wizard of Oz" where you can see way in the background what appears to be a someone hanging themself from a tree. Many say this is urban legend, but many others say it's still unexplained to this day.

When you compare the Cell Phone Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" to The Hanging Scene in "The Wizard of Oz" - I hate to say it, but the Cell Phone Time Traveler trumps it big time. The big difference is you can see plain as day that this woman is holding a device like a cell phone. Where as the Wizard of Oz scene requires much more imagination.

Check out the clip yourself and decide.

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