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Obama's Visit To Jon Stewart's Daily Show: An Act of Desperation For The President


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President Obama sat down for an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Wednesday. Two days later it's still making headlines.

It's no secret that Democrats stand to lose a substantial amount of Senate and Congressional seats come Tuesday. Clearly, President Obama knows this and has been campaigning around the country for the better part of the past few weeks. Obama's visit to Jon Stewart's Daily Show marks an act of desperation for the President as he sought to re-connect with the young liberal base which helped put him in the White House.

President Obama spent several minutes with Jon Stewart and they talked mostly about the economy and rightly so. It's the 10,000 Elephant sitting in the living room and the be-all-end-all of our nation right now. Off the bat Stewart wasted little time in asking him how he feels about the sorry state of our nation. Obama made it a point to say it's been the "two toughest years since The Great Depression."

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I happen to be one of the many who voted for President Obama in 2008. But, even I know that at the end of the day the country's highs and lows will be attributed to him. Is that necessarily fair? No, but it's the nature of the job. The President can only "influence" legislation, but at the end of the day lawmakers have to carry out those policies and put them into action.

With that said, his Presidency hasn't been successful when you look at it objectively. Keep in mind, many experts said the unemployment levels would remain at or near 10% for a few years. And, this was before President Obama took office. Back in January of 2009, when our nation was hemorrhaging jobs at an alarming rate, it was assumed by many that the unemployment rate would remain unchanged for years. In February of 2009, Fed Leaders stated the levels would remain high into 2011. This was one month into Obama's term.

No matter how you slice it and dice it though - he has a dismal approval rating (just 26% strongly approve) and millions of Americans are fed up with the high debt-load of the Fed along with a horrendous deficit. Spending cannot continue to be status quo or our political system may seizure down the road.

When Obama visited the Daily Show on Wednesday, the interview was anything but comedic. Obama made it a point to say it's been perhaps the toughest era for any sitting President in 70 years and he also prevented the second Great Depression.

While that may be true, the nearly 20% of our population who are either unemployed or underemployed don't want to hear that right now. They are hungry and want to work. The time is ripe for Republicans to take back the majority in the Senate and the House. Expect that to happen on Tuesday despite Obama's "prevention of the next Great Depression."

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