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Charlie Sheen Not Mel Gibson Should Be Shunned By Hollywood


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Mel Gibson is back in the headlines since he will face off in the courtroom against his former girlfriend (and career killer) Oksana Grigorieva over a custody battle regarding their 12-month-old daughter.

Gibson has been maligned, roasted, and drawn and quartered by the national media ever since his infamous rants (including a racial rant) were leaked to Radar Online over the summer. Rightfully so, Gibson should be criticized for his behavior. And, if he actually did hit Grigorieva, then it's despicable and he should face the music.

With that said, Charlie Sheen continues getting free pass after free pass for his horrid behavior. He threatened to kill his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife on Christmas last year. And, he was given a slap on the wrist. Then the other weekend he was coked up out of mind and in a drunken rage kept a "date" in the hotel room with him against her will. Again, nothing happened.

If you take inventory of Charlie Sheen's run-ins with the law over the years it would rival anybody in the history of Hollywood or the music industry.

Here are some of Charlie Sheen's highlights:

1990 - in an incident deemed an accident, he shot his fiance Kelly Preston in the arm.

1995 - he settled a case out of court with a woman who claimed he'd hit her when she refused to have sex with him.

1996 - Sheen served two years' probation for a 1996 assault on then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

1998 - Attempted to inject cocaine, resulting in a near-death overdose.

2006 - In a fit of rage, he said the following to then-wife Denise Richards'  "I hope you f***ing die, b***h. You are f***ing with the wrong guy," and threatened to have her killed.

2009 - Held a knife to Brooke Mueller's throat and threatened to kill her.

2010 - CBS rewards Charlie Sheen with lucrative contract which will pay him $1.88 million per episode for two more years.

Mel Gibson on the other hand is tame compared to Sheen. And, he'll have a tough time finding work anytime soon. Recently the "Hangover" cast banded together and refused to let Mel Gibson take part in the movie even as a cameo.

He's had his share of blunders over the years ranging from his comments regarding Jews to a DUI and other minor run-ins, but nothing compared to Sheen.  Only recently has he gone off the deep end, when he threatened Grigorieva. In no way is this a defense of Gibson either. What he said to her on the phone is deplorable and indefensible.

In America we do give second chances. If Michael Vick gets a second chance then in due time Mel Gibson should have his. And, if he's going to be shunned by Hollywood, then CBS should step up and cut the cord on Charlie Sheen.

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