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Kanye West Gets Exploited By NBC and Matt Lauer Over George Bush and Taylor Swift Moments


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NBC had a plan in store when they had Kanye West on the Today Show with Matt Lauer to address comments by President Bush from the interview on Sunday Night. 

Lauer brought up the infamous comments by Kanye West following Hurricane Katrina when he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." During this exchange, the staff at NBC ran the clip of George Bush commenting on West's statement in which he felt that Kanye West called him a racist. This was "one of Bush's most disgusting moments as the President" and Lauer pounded that point home to West.

And, West didn't take to kindly to them playing the clip of Bush's facial expressions, which was clearly a move on NBC's part meant to rile him up.

It's obvious that Kanye West wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn't choose his words carefully at times. And, NBC knows this. They wanted to get another "Kanye Moment" when they had him on, which is disgusting. The Executives at NBC and Matt Lauer should be ashamed of themselves for having Kanye West on the Today Show for this intent.

It's fine and good to have organic moments develop on a show and then to harness these moments for ratings. In this case, the executives at NBC knew fully well what they were doing before they had Kanye West on. They had a clear intent of rubbing his nose in the George Bush and Taylor Swift "moments" and hoped to get a rise out of him. This isn't journalism and it's not providing information for people; it's attempting to make a jerk out of someone knowing they are vulnerable to being lured into such tricks.

As if the George Bush comments weren't enough, Lauer played the clip of Kanye West rushing the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV VMA's. It was quite apparent that NBC wanted to get Kanye West to "lose it" and get a ratings grab out of the deal.

Now, Kanye West is being made fun of for ranting on Twitter about the way he was treated while appearing on The Today Show.  West stated on his Twitter account, "I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused." He is dead right.

NBC and Matt Lauer would do best by issuing an apology to Kanye West and admitting that they tried to exploit him for ratings. This is the exact reason why the media gets a bad rap these days. It's a sad day for NBC and broadcasting in America. 

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