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Kanye West's Today Show Cancellation Results in Unwarranted Criticism


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Kanye West made the obvious move of cancelling his upcoming concert on the Today Show, which really comes as no surprise.

As I wrote last week, Kanye West was exploited by NBC during his "brutal" Today Show appearance with Matt Lauer. The producers at NBC and Matt Lauer acted in concert to create an incendiary environment for Kanye West during his interview.

Lauer made every attempt to push Kanye West's buttons while the clips of former President George Bush's facial expressions were shown on the monitor. To bring up the Taylor Swift clip (which had nothing to do with his George Bush comments) was taking it way too far. Any normal human being would be uncomfortable when they are thrown to the wolves like this.

What was supposed to be a legitimate interview was nothing more than an incendiary attempt at shaking the stick in the lion's cage. Matt Lauer and his accolytes at NBC were reprehensible and should be apologizing to Kanye West for attempting to make him look like a jerk. It's no surprise that Kanye West cancelled his upcoming Today Show concert. 

And, he's getting killed on the internet for it and being called a crybaby. Then we have so-called bloggers like this who say he had a "hissy fit" on the Today Show. And, we have this blogger who calls Kanye West a "desperate child."

Call me crazy, but is there any part of that interview which looked genuine? The interview was nothing more than a horrible attempt by NBC to create another infamous "Kanye West moment." He wasn't having any of it and handled it quite well. I used to have a great deal of respect for Matt Lauer, but after this abominable interview, he should consider joining the WWE.

There are reports that Kanye West is done with the media after this latest NBC stunt. It probably would be in his best interests to avoid doing interviews at this point - for the time being. In this day and age, trash sells in this country and it's funny to to watch someone be made to look like a fool.

Now the geniuses at the Today Show can try it on somebody else. Maybe they should get Jesse Ventura on there to talk about his ridiculous "bombshell" theory on FEMA camps.

There's an idea.

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