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Jessica Simpson Engaged To Former NFL Player Eric Johnson, So Who Cares?


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Former NFL tight end Eric Johnson is now engaged to Jessica Simpson. Eric Johnson played five seasons in the NFL and was largely an ineffective player, with his only decent season coming in 2004 with San Francisco.

So, why all the hullaballoo over this announcement? Jessica Simpson is best-known in the Philadelphia area for hooking up with Tony Romo. During Eagles-Cowboys games we were treated to endless shots of Jessica Simpson rocking a Cowboys jersey. Turns out she jinxed them when they played a mediocre Eagles team in 2007, losing 10-6 when the Cowboys looked like a Super Bowl team. Who can forget that game?

The two were together for a little while and broke it off about a year and a half ago.

A lot of people seem to care about this news, but it's really just bubble gum fodder. Eric Johnson is irrelevant and Jessica Simpson, while a big name in pop music isn't anything special. Billboard named Jessica Simpson 95th best artist during the 2000's.

That's not hard to do considering how much horrible music came out during that decade.

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