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Donovan McNabb's Gameday Contract Signing Mirrors Randall Cunningham's Deal in 1989


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When Donovan McNabb inked a 5-year $78 million contract this afternoon, with $40 million guaranteed it mirrored former Philadelphia Eagle Randall Cunningham's new deal 21 years ago.

Way back in 1989 when Randall Cunningham was in just his third full season as the starter for the Eagles, he inked a then-record 5-year $15.5 million contract on gameday against none other than the Washington Redskins on a Sunday morning. He ended up tossing for well over 447 yards and 5 touchdowns that day.

Hopefully the results will be different tonight when McNabb looks to make it 2-for-2 against his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Coming into this game it was a stone cold mortal lock that the Eagles would roll over the Redskins, but now the dynamic has changed. Just imagine how much McNabb will rub it in if the Redskins win tonight.

The contract is as puzzling as it is ironic. Just a week ago there were doubts that McNabb would even return next season. And, when you consider he's 33 years old - it's a lot of money to committ to a quarterback who is on the downside of his career. Now it appears that Mike Shanahan may be the first one out in Washington.

One thing is certain though, Eagles-Redskins games will be all the more dramatic for at least the next few seasons. That is unless Daniel Snyder trades him or releases him.

You never know with the second worst owner in the NFL - second only to the insane Al Davis.

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