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Don't Touch My Junk Guy and Others Against Airport Screeners Should Just Not Fly


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The Don't Touch My Junk Guy is the latest internet sensation. John Tyner is a champion for those who are against the so-called "naked airport screener" machines, which have come under fire by activists and civil liberterians in recent weeks.

Only in America can people go ape over devices which are meant to protect us. We have the conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones who claim the naked airport screeners are another nefarious device, which will open the floodgates for violating our 4th Amendment rights.

Then there are those who take a less radical stand and feel these airport x-ray scanners are just too invasive. It's perfectly human to not want to be seen naked by a stranger. Some are even raising concerns about the risk of cancer, which is cause for major concern should it have credence.

Ultimately, if you have nothing to hide then you should have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, we live in a nation with many choices and that includes mode of travel. If you don't want to be subjected to such "barbaric practices" then just don't bother flying. Try a train or a bus. Or, if you're really adventurous - rent a car and drive cross country.

It's a simple choice really. Or, you could be like the latest internet hero and create a scene like a jackass and tell the airport officials "Don't touch my junk."

Only in America.

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