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Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria Divorces Blow Away Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger


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First when news broke of Tony Parker's divorce from wife Eva Longoria, it was assumed that irreconcilable differences were the reason for the breakup of one of the hottest high profile couples - or so they told us.

Later on it was discovered that Tony Parker was allegedly cheating with former teammate Brent Barry's wife Erin Barry.  Added to that, Erin Barry and Brent Barry are getting divorced.

The news of Tony Parker's alleged affair with Erin Barry is according to KENS5.com a local San Antonio news affilate.

When analyzing this situation one has to wonder if this has ever happened before, that is two professional athletes and their respective wives divorcing due to an alleged affair involving two of the parties. Should this turn out to be true it will go down as one of the most sordid sagas in sports history.

Just a few weeks ago Brett Favre was under fire for allegedly sending photos of his junk to Jenn Sterger, then an employee of the New York Jets while he was still with them. Now, that story is all but capoot.

In what has been a year full of cheating scandals, this one may just take the cake. And, it's hard to top the likes of Brett Favre and Tiger Woods, but it may have just happened with this scandal.

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