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Erin Barry - Tony Parker Scandal: Further Proof Nothing Is Shocking Any Longer


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By now, everybody and their mother has chimed in about Erin Barry, the soon-to-be former wife of Brent Barry and also known as Tony Parker's alleged mistress. A few days ago, nobody really knew who Erin Barry was.

Now, she's the latest 15-minute celebrity and allegedly responsible for the breakup of not one, but two marriages. She and former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry are divorcing and Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are going to put an end to their 7-year relationship (including a 3-year marriage).

Just how did Brent Barry and Erin Barry (not Erin Berry) meet? The two were high school sweethearts having met when they were 16-years-old. They married in 1998.

Normally when we hear of affairs we brush them off, but this is not your normal affair. It is involving former teammates on an NBA team and resulting in the end of two marriages including one of the highest profile marriages in America.

In this day and age nothing shocks Americans any longer.

Best golfer in the world (Tiger Woods) with a squeaky clean image cheats on his wife with dozens of women. Check.

Coked up actor (Charlie Sheen) gets chance after chance and gets himself into an even crazier situation (overdosing with a porn star in a hotel room) months after pulling a knife on his wife on Christmas. Check.

The improbable marriage of improbable marriages (Jesse James and Sandra Bulluck) turns out to be a farce. Check.

Legendary NFL Quarterback (Brett Favre) and "family man" sends photos of his junk to an alleged mistress (Jenn Sterger). Check.

NBA player (Delonte West) reportedly has an affair with his teammates's (Lebron James) mother (Gloria James). Possible Check

The Erin Barry-Tony Parker scandal is just another unique, cheating scandal in the world of sports and entertainment. Nothing can shock us any longer.

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