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Vince Young's Post-game Meltdown Sets New Standard For Childish Behavior in Professional Sports


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Congratulations Vince Young, you have set a new standard for childish behavior in not just the NFL, but all of professional sports after taking your ball and going home yesterday.

In case you missed it yesterday - Vince Young had an epic post-game meltdown after being pulled from the game by head coach Jeff Fisher. Young then had some words with his headcoach after the game. Fisher told Young not to run out on his teammates and he replied, "I'm not running out on my teammates. I'm running out on you."

Young then proceeded to throw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands like a petulant child. Word is he even got into an altercation with teammate Michael Griffin in the lockerroom.

Just when you thought Chad Johnson set a new low for childish behavior by legally changing his last name to "Ocho Cinco", he has been usurped by Vince Young.

Not even Terrell Owens' legendary driveway sit-ups interview in 2005 can equal Vince Young's post-game meltdown for childish behavior. Vince Young's historic meltdown has TO beat.

Lebron James' self-serving  "Decision" show where he turned NBA free agency into a complete farce has nothing on Vince. Even though it was the biggest disgrace to the NBA in recent memory, it can't hold a candle to Vince Young.

It's clear that Vince Young doesn't belong in the NFL at this point. He's a mental midget and obviously instable (i.e. his suicide threat rumors). He's not even fit to carry shoulder pads or a water cooler at this point.

The Titans should send a message to Vince Young and the rest of the petulant children in professional sports and cut him immediately.

Vince Young's official website is 10vinceyoung.com, which is quite appropriate because he acted like a 10-year-old yesterday.

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