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John Boehner and President Obama Have Much Work To Do With Nancy Pelosi Out As House Speaker


John BoehnerRepublicans all across America are rejoicing today that their evil nemesis Nancy Pelosi will no longer be ruling the House with an iron fist. Gone will be the days of rampant spending, over-regulation, entitlement programs, and a deepening debt. Enter John Boehner, the panacea for our nation's woes. Boehner will assume the role of House Speaker come January 2011.

Boehner has been an ardant critic of The Obama Administration since the first month of President Barack Obama's presidency. Boehner and Obama are going to have work extremely hard to find any type of common ground. They have made no secret about the disdain they share for one another. Obama made fun of Boehner on more than a few occasions, while Boehner has ripped the Obama Administration constantly without batting an eye. nancy pelosi

Pelosi is the bane of conservatives' existence. She is their Lord Voldemort where as Boehner is Harry Potter. Pelosi is a symbol of everything wrong with America today, between entitlement programs, to the rampant spending, "failed" stimulus spending, and our record debt.

Boehner will waste little time in addressing the 500 Lb. Gorilla, which has been burning the posteriors of conservatives across the land; Obamacare.

"The American people were concerned about the government takeover of health care," Boehner said Wednesday. "I think it's important for us to lay the groundwork before we begin to repeal this monstrosity."

The Republicans now have their chance to make their impact on the economy. Americans are sick of rampant unemployment and a sluggish recovery and want results.

John Boehner will lead the Republican effort to control spending and get our economy back to where it once was. While this won't be an easy battle they will also have to find a common ground with President Obama. Boehner will lead the effort, which will be challenging. On the flip side, President Obama will need to make serious compromises. He's had it his way the past 21 months and will have no choice but to "reach across the aisle" now. As President Obama said in his speech today his policies haven't done enough to improve the rampant unemployment. The Democrats were shellacked last night because of the economy. Now, Obama will need to make nice with John Boehner for at least the next two years.

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