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Chilean Miner Participating in NYC Marathon on Day of Daylight Savings Time


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It's that time of the year again. We turn our clocks back, get an extra hour of sleep. And, now the NYC Marathon is here.

This isn't going to be a typical New York City Marathon though. Chilean miner Edison Pena, who kept himself in shape by running in an underground tunnel during their two-month long ordeal will run in today's NYC Marathon.

Wondering what time the New York Marathon will start? The official start time for the NYC Marathon will be 10:10 A.M. Right now, it's roughly 9:20 A.M. eastern standard time for those of you keeping track so you better get out there now if you plan on watching the Marathon!

What are the odds an event like this will happen again? We have the story of a miner trapped underground for two months who participates in the world famous NYC Marathon and it's happening on the same day as Day Light Savings time.

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