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Wade Phillips Fired: Marks Least Shocking Firing In NFL History


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Dallas Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips has finally been fired and put out of his own misery following the Cowboys' 1-7 record. Wade Phillips' firing was a foregone conclusion after the Cowboys had their doors blown off by the Green Bay Packers yesterday in a 45-7 shellacking.

In fact, the firing of Wade Phillips by Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones may be the least shocking firing in the NFL perhaps ever. Phillips' hiring was puzzling from the get-go. He's a very good defensive coordinator, but up until last year he had never won a single playoff game.

Once the Cowboys started the year 1-5 and the over rated Tony Romo was injured and knocked out effectively for the remainder of the season, that was it for Wade Phillips. Phillips had lost the team and was a dead man walking, much like Ray Rhodes in 1998.

Cowboys' offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will take over as interim coach. Garrett was actually rumored to be waiting in the wings for a few seasons now. Already Cowboys fans across the nation are licking their chops at potential candidates like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden to take over as the head coach of the Cowboys in 2011.

For the Cowboys this is a great move. In fact, this firing may be the best firing by a professional sports team in years. In-season firings are rare in the NFL. Typically a coach gets whacked a day after the final game of the season is played. It speaks to Jerry Jones' desperation and realization of how useless Phillips really is.

Phillips was bad, very bad - he was Art Shell bad, which is a special kind of bad. Sure he ended up being 12 games over .500 as the Dallas Cowboys' head coach, but had arguably the most talented roster in the NFL over the past four seasons.

Phillips' firing was as certain as the sun rising this morning. Other than Larry Brown's firing from the Knicks and Lane Kiffin's firing by Al Davis, there probably hasn't been a more certain firing in recent history. And, those firings were due to acrimony.

For the sake of Eagles fans, hopefully the Cowboys screw things up and play themselves out of picking in the top 2 of the NFL Draft. It would be wonderful to watch them endure a nightmare season, but not take full advantage and tank the season for an elite draft choice.

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