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Google Honors Rosa Parks and Imminent Purchase of Groupon Is Reminiscient of Youtube Acquisition


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Google is in the headlines today for a few reasons. On the first day of Hannukkah 2010 they honored Rosa Parks. Many people and myself included they would probably mash up their logo in the form of Chanukah candles, but they went a different route.

Today happens to be the 55th Anniversary of Rosa Parks' legendary decision to refuse to give up her bus seat, which served as a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans. It was a classy move by Google to change their logo today and honor Rosa Parks, who is one of the greatest heros in American history.

In other Google News - they apparently have purchased Groupon, which is one of the fastest growing American corporations in history. Groupon was launched just two years ago and is already worth several billion dollars.

Reports are that Google's acquisition of Groupon will cost them $5.3 billion.  Google's acquisiton of Groupon brings Youtube to mind. Youtube grew at an alarming rate, much like Groupon. Youtube was launched in February 2005 and within 18 months became one of the most popular websites on the web and was worth over a billion dollars. Google then purchased Youtube in 2006 for $1.5 billion.

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