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Google Trends Dominated By Google Evil, Spying on Drudge, and Prisonplanet.com Censored


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Google's motto "Don't Be Evil" is being challenged by Alex Jones after his sites Infowars and Prisonplanet.com were de-listed in Google News. In fact, Jones and his fans have made "Google Evil" the #1 Google search trend today. Jones and his supporters aren't going down without a fight and are organzing a grassroots campaign through the influencing of Google Trends to get the word out.

I have criticized Alex Jones in the past, but would be foolish to deny the obvious fact here - Jones' sites were removed from Google News listings. As a publisher I understand fully well the impact that Google News has on getting your message out there. Regardless of how Google justifies it - it's wrong that they removed Alex Jones' sites from their listings. I ran various searches on Google News and couldn't find an article from either site listed within the past few weeks.

Added to that, there is a disturbing story out there with regards to Matt Drudge who runs The Drudge Report. Drudge feels that he along with Alex Jones have been spied upon by Homeland Security due to their opposition to the TSA's invasive full body scanners. "Spying on drudge" was #2 on Google search trends today.

For more on the TSA's invasive full body scanners, don't miss Erik Uliasz's article from last week where he mentions full body scanners should be shut down in favor of effective profiling.

Finally, rounding out the top 3 of Google trends today is the search "prisonplanet.com censored" which pertains to Prison Planet being removed from Google News listings.

Whether or not you agree with Alex Jones isn't the point. Google claims they are impartial and allow users to determine which websites draw water in the Wild West of the internet. If this is such a truism then they shouldn't interfere.

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