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Cliff Lee Signing With Phillies Has Nothing in Common With Lebron James' Signing


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There is a faction of people who are comparing Cliff Lee's signing with the Philadelphia Phillies today with Lebron James signing with the Miami Heat over the summer. And, they couldn't be further off the mark. One particular writer for the Augusta Free Press drew the parallel between Cliff Lee heading to pitching-heavy Philadelphia and Lebron James going to Miami to be second-fiddle to Dywane Wade. The debate was brought up on 610 WIP's Howard Eskin and Ike Reese show between Eskin and Reese. Reese stated that Cliff Lee could have been the main man in Texas, but opted to join a Phillies team, which already had three aces in Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels.

With regards to Cliff Lee, we have a pitcher who fell in love with an organization, city, and fanbase during his half season here. He never wanted to leave and was upset when he was traded in the Roy Halladay deal one year ago. He wanted to be in Philadelphia so bad that he took less money and less years to go to the Phillies as opposed to New York, which also happens to be stacked with talented pitchers.

If there was any X-factor in Cliff Lee's decision to sign the 5-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies it had to do with his wife Kristen Lee being attacked by classless New York Yankees fans during the ALCS. It's well-known that Kristen Lee was spit on and had beer dumped on her by a group of Yankees fans.

In the case of Lebron James, we have an athlete who is so in love with himself that he felt the need to turn his free agency signing decision into a bleeping reality TV program. Lebron James' disgusting "Decision" Show was unprecented in professional sports and made an absolute mockery of NBA free agency.

Lebron James and Cliff Lee's names should never appear in the same sentence. Cliff Lee is everything Lebron James is not - a big-game player, a humble person, and a team player. If anything - Lebron James is closer to Donovan McNabb on the spectrum, a very talented player who puts up numbers, but one who comes up short in the big games.

LeFraud James could only dream of being the player Cliff Lee is in the big games. Cliff Lee is one of the most dominant pitchers in postseason history. Granted, he didn't win a World Series ring (yet), but did everything humanly possible he could to win it in 2009.

Once you utter the names Lebron James and Cliff Lee, the comparisons end right there.

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