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Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video Will Put Terrell Owens Driveway Circus To Shame


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If the New York Jets organization wasn't sweating bullets about their prospects in the 2011 NFL Playoffs, then they certainly will now that a video surfaced involving head coach Rex Ryan's wife.

But, this isn't just any video. It's a foot fetish video involving Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle Ryan.  In the video, Michelle Ryan is showing off her feet and the camerman (voice sounds like Rex Ryan) asks to smell them and says how much he enjoys smelling her feet.

It's clear that Rex Ryan was the man behind the camera. Now, that this fiasco is circling the internet like wildfire, the Jets will surely be distracted from here on out. This isn't something that will just go away. It will become a joke and make the rounds on nightly talk shows. This is HUGE.

Terrell Owens is the benchmark for creating drama and the Eagles' dreadful 2005 season stands as one of the most diastrous seasons in NFL history for any team. It's probably second to the torturous 2007 season for the Atlanta Falcons after Michael Vick's dog fighting ring was outed.

Mark it down - the Rex Ryan foot fetish video will destroy the Jets' season. And, Commissioner Roger Goodell, who hates controversy of any sort when it pertains to the coaches is going to be shaking in his boots.

I never thought I would say it, but the Terrell Owens Driveway video has met it's match with the Rex Ryan Foot Fetish video.

According to ESPN, Rex Ryan won't address the foot fetish video, where his wife shows off her feet and the cameraman (who sounds exactly like Rex Ryan) comments on them. Ryan says this is a "personal matter", but in today's age of viral videos and social media, NOBODY is off limits. Ultimately, this isn't a case of someone being involved in child porn. What a couple does on their own time is their own business, but once you make videos of these acts there is that potential for it to get out there. And, it's nobody's fault but theirs.

Say goodbye to the Jets' Super Bowl chances. Not that they really had any to begin with. Aside from being the most overrated team in the NFL, they are no match for the 12-2 New England Patriots.

Youtube is shutting down uploads of the Michelle/Rex Ryan Foot Fetish video, but you can check it out here.

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