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NORAD and Google Earth Santa Tracker 2010: A Yearly Christmas Eve Tradition Expands


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Each year millions upon millions of children and parents around the globe gaze at their computers on Christmas Eve. Tracking Santa Claus' voyage across the earth with the NORAD Santa Tracker has become a yearly tradition for many. What started in 1955 has become an internet sensation in 2010. This year it's grown to include a Google Earth Santa tracker along with mobile phone tracking.

It will only become bigger and bigger as mobile devices improve and social networking continues to find new ways for Santa to be interactive with his millions of little fans.

Here are many other resources on the Santa tracker when your kids ask you "Where is Santa Claus?"

* To use Google Earth Plug-in: First go to www.noradsanta.org, click on the link Track Santa in Google Earth. Santa will be seen moving his sleigh on the page. If you don't have the Google Earth plug-in, be sure to download it first.

* To find him on Google Maps: Check out www.noradsanta.org and choose your language. From there you will be directeto Santa's current location. Click the video icons to watch Santa Cam videos, and then click the gift icons to learn more about each city.

* Do you want to follow Santa with your PHONE? Open up Google Maps for mobile and search for [santa]. Or, visit m.noradsanta.org on your phone’s browser.

* There is even a Santa YOUTUBE Channel. Santa Claus’ command center on YouTube is at http://www.youtube.com/noradtrackssanta. You will then be able to watch videos of his voyage throughout the evening.

* For REAL-TIME information about Santa's coordinates: Use Google’s Realtime Search to get updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If your kids want to send Santa a tweet, have them type in @noradsanta. And, you can keep up with Santa's day-long voyage on his Facebook page.

* Don't miss Philly2Philly's Sean O'Brien's Open Letter to Santa about the NORAD Santa tracker and the history of Christmas. It's a great read for you to enjoy with your children!

I think I have about covered everything. These next two days Santa Claus is Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Muhammed Ali, Albert Einsten, and Superman all rolled into one. You don't get any bigger than him on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Enjoy tracking Santa with your children and have a Merry Christmas!

Contact Dennis Bakay at dbakay@philly2philly.com