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Governor Ed Rendell Dead Wrong In Criticism of NFL and Eagles Over Postponing Sunday Night Game


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For once I agree with Eagles Team President Joe Banner. And while it's a rarity, I call it out how I see it. Banner barked back at critics of the NFL's postponement decision and said there were many positive responses.

Banner also came to Mayor Michael Nutter's defense who is today's whipping boy for many knee-jerk reactionaries ticked off by the postponement of Sunday night's Eagles-Vikings game. In fact, there were an overwhelming amount of people who agreed with the NFL's decision to move the Eagles-Vikings game from Sunday night to Tuesday night.

Many Eagles fans, writers, pundits, and bloggers are criticizing the NFL for postponing Sunday night's Eagles-Vikings game and moving it to Tuesday. While the spectacle of a snow game would have been great to watch, this was the right decision. It's a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. And, if they didn't change it and people were stuck on the Schuylkill Expressway in two feet of snow, and dozens of accidents occurred, the NFL would be ripped a new 'you know what' today. While Philadelphia didn't get hammered with two feet of snow (like the Jersey shore did) from Sunday's snow storm, it was a coin toss and the NFL made the right call.

Governor Ed Rendell joined in on the crticism and said the NFL's decision to move Sunday night's game to Tuesday night is a result of the "Wussification" of America.

Rendell began by stating on Fox 29 that "There is a magic to football. And, part of that magic is you play no matter what that weather is - no matter what the conditions are."

He went on to say "Yeah I think it's part of the wussification of America. We've lost a lot of our pioneer spirit." 

I won't get into a blow-by-blow account of his interview, but to paraphrase him he went on to basically suggest we lost a lot of our independence as a nation and the ability to think for ourselves. Ultimately, Rendell likened the NFL's decision to look out for the fans' safety to throwing up a white flag and surrendering the American spirit. Rendell continued the rant by saying we've become a "Nanny State" by this horrid decision.

Rendell is without a doubt a very intelligent man and one of the most successful politicians in PA history for good reason. You don't get to where he's at by being a dummy. However, his ill-advised rant on Monday was in poor judgement and simply off the mark.

Don't be surprised to see Governor Rendell issue a follow-up, CYA-type response today, tomorrow, or in the coming days. He made himself look foolish Monday.

It's easy for the critics who sit on their rear-ends watching the game in the comfort of their home to rip the NFL, but they should put themselves in the shoes of someone who "may" have to drive home in treacherous conditions. Then maybe they would think again - or maybe not in Rendell's case.

As Rendell said, they're just not being pioneers by not wanting to drive in two feet of snow to go to a football game. I suppose risking one's life to go to and from a football game qualifies that person to be an independent, pioneer.

Say it isn't so.

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