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Facebook's Cartoon Photo Campaign To Raise Awareness Is A Waste Of Time


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Users of Facebook have set a new bar today - for creating a gigantic waste of time. Millions of Facebook users have been enticed by the members of the social media giant to change their profile photos to their favorite cartoon characters from when they were children. And, what is the purpose for this campaign? None other than to spread awareness about violence against children.

Suffice to say millions of Facebook users are going buck wild over finding their favorite cartoon characters' photos from the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. In case you were curious as to why in the world cartoon characters from the 70's, cartoon characters from the 80's, and cartoon characters from the 90's were among the hottest Google search trends today.

I myself was stupified as to why these random search terms were among the top of the heap, then I was alerted to the Facebook users' so-called campaign.

Let's get this straight. Rather than have their users raise money or do something productive to truly combat violence against children - Facebook users are turning this into a bleeping game. Violence against children is not a game - it's an extremely serious issue. And, having people change their profile pictures to cartoon characters is a waste of time.

If these Facebook members truly wanted to "combat" the issue they would create a campaign which involves people volunteering their time, donating money, and doing something productive to combat this epidemic. Most of the people who change their profile pictures will do it "because it's the cool thing to do today" and forget it about by tomorrow.

Congratulations to these Facebook users for not only creating a farcical campaign, but also luring in millions of people as well and wasting their time to boot.

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