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Tucker Carlson's Incendiary Michael Vick Comments, Christine O'Donnell Plays Deny Game, and Eagles Cowboys "Bye week" Game Sunday


The Omelette Thursday December 30, 2010

Tucker Carlson Under Fire For Incendiary Michael Vick "Execution" Comments

Tucker Carlson made it a point to lambast Michael Vick on Fox News the other night as the panel discussed President Obama's recent comments about Michael Vick. Carlson said Vick should have been executed and is now catching heat for the remarks. Ed Rendell is outraged almost as much as he was about the Eagles-Vikings game being moved to Tuesday night.

Christine O'Donnell Denies Using Campaign Funds For Personal Use

A Federal probe into Christine O'Donnell's alleged misuse of campaign funds has begun. O'Donnell and her supporters call it a witch hunt. Critics of O'Donnell including watchdog group CREW alleges she used campaign funds to pay for her apartment and other personal expenses. O'Donnell did admit to using funds to pay on her townhouse, but that it doubled as her campaign headquarters, which creates a grey area legally.

Eagles Cowboys on Sunday Lacks Any Sort of Drama

This is the NFL's worst nightmare. They had a brilliant idea when they made the schedule this year and that was to schedule the Eagles and Cowboys against each other twice in the final four weeks. It was unprecedented that these two teams had to wait until Week 14 to face each other. And, now their plan has backfired. The Cowboys are deader than a slab of pork tenderloin in the meat section and the Eagles are going to treat this week like a bye week since they have nothing to play for. Vick is all but certain to be held out. Don't expect DeSean Jackson, Maclin, McCoy, or Celek to play much (if at all) either. Eagles-Cowboys games are usually fun, but this one will be akin to watching a preseason game.