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Playboy Playmate Kiana Kim is getting all she can out of Pete Rose


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Pete Rose  has done it again.

No, this time he didn't lie about betting on baseball, get sentenced to jail for tax evasion, or admit he finally bet on baseball prior to Hall of Fame induction announcements. Rose brought his new "lady friend" Kiana Kim to talk with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic  this afternoon. Kim, 30, is almost 40 years younger than baseball's all-time hit king.

Kim was also featured on Howard Stern's radio show this morning with Rose to promote her new calender. Immediately after this interview, I just shook my head. After years of lying, cheating, and pulling the wool over the eyes of almost everyone, Pete Rose is the one being used.

And the funny thing is, he knows it, and is milking every minute of it.

Rose's dalliances with women were anything but a secret back in the day. His first wife Carolyn once asked Bill Giles to make sure she had better seats at the Vet than his girlfriends did. Then there was the time when one of Rose's ladies had a banner plane fly around the Vet wishing Rose a happy birthday.

Really though, the busty Kim is with him because he's just an awesome guy. Pete Rose and Kiana Kim photo: http://luckybogey.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/pete-rose-and-kiana-kim-at-howard-stern-radio-show.jpgShe coincidentally just happens to be a Playboy playmate with a 2011 calender she is trying to sell. Show me somebody in a relationship with a 40-year age gap who doesn't have an agenda, and I'll show you a winning Sixers team. Not only is she out of Rose's league, she's not even in the same sport!

Rose is promoting this brilliantly. He and Kim are a packaged deal, and it's a radio show host's dream. If they are featured on a sports talk show, the host (whomever it might be), gets to talk with a baseball legend, and Rose gets to deliver some song and dance on how he has finally turned his life around. Yada, yada, yada.

Coincidentally, the questions then shift to Kim, who promotes whatever irons she has in the fire at the moment. If it's a show like Stern's, the focus is on Kim, and Rose comes along for the ride. After Stern is done drooling over Kim, he gives some obligatory time to Rose, who has heard the same questions so many times he has the answers memorized better than the numbers on his 1980 Topps Phillies card.

Has Rose indeed turned the corner? Who knows at this stage and who cares? You can only lie so many times without becoming a running joke.

Have your fun now, Pete. It won't last. 

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