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Derrick Burts HIV Announcement Could Cause Upheavel In Porn Industry


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24-year-old porn actor Derrick Burts announced today that he is HIV-positive and points to his career as the cause of it.

Burts stated that doctors traced the HIV transmission to a gay cast-mate from one of his films. Burts, who acted in both straight and gay porn films performed under the names Cameron Reid (in straight films) and Derek Chambers (in gay films).

Even though the porn industry is anything but an industry reknown for it's integrity, there are rarely any major scandals involving it. Derrick Burts' HIV announcement could change that.

Burts is calling for tougher standards in the porn industry including the use of condoms in all films. Whenever there is a high-profile story like this in any industry whether it be sports or entertainment, it serves as a catalyst for change.

Derrick Burts could very well be to the porn industry what Jose Canseco was to Major League Baseball.

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