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Obama Social Security Number Conspiracy Theory Arises Among Extreme Right


water cooler   logoHere we go again.  Another month goes by and another Obama conspiracy theory is put out there by the extreme right-one involving his social security number.  And you can be assured this story won't be run on CNN or Fox News.  Not because it's being covered up, but because it's another lame attempt by the extreme right to sully our President's reputation.

Last month, the extreme right ran with a flimsy National Enquirer Story about President Obama's alleged affair with an aide. That story never grew any legs whatsoever, because it was...to put it bluntly, just pure BS.  The people who run the National Enquirer should be ashamed of themselves.  Then again, if you're running a publication like The National Enquirer you probably don't have too many scruples to begin with. 

The birthers are trying really hard to get the "word out" about "Barack Hussein Obama's" shady social security number that is tied to Connecticut.  Stop the presses people! Obama must not be an American citizen.  Let's impeach him and imprison him why don't we?

A so-called website called "sevensidedcube.net" is "reporting" that someone is investigating Obama's social security number.

The website alleges: "We have to consider that it is allowed to register in a non-residential state but still those cases remain as special circumstances. But the other thing is, that the digits were issued two years after Obama’s first publicly employment. Everyone would ask themselves, How did he get employed without any social security card? According to investigators, Obama might have claimed one social security number in Hawaii and got another in 1986. But that’s not all, the digits appear to have been recycled and formerly issued to a person born in 1890 which experts believe that Obama took a deceased citizenssocial security number to 1986 for some reason only he knows."

Nowhere do they explain where their information comes from.  They just put it out there and their fellow extremists eat it up like it's gospel.

I don't need to explain that the biggest problem with the internet today is that anybody can say anything about anybody without any accountability.  Websites like these are the epitome of the internet gone awry.

Let's be real folks.  If there was any credence to this story whatsoever, it would be all over the mainstream news 24-7 everywhere from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News.