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Betty White's SNL Episode Among Greatest Saturday Night Live Shows Ever


water cooler   logoThe verdict is in and Betty White's SNL episode was a hit.  It was the highest-rated SNL show since the week before the 2008 election and an instant classic.  Betty White, who had never hosted the show before was quite nervous before stepping on stage, but you would never know it.  Her comedic timing was impeccable and she was brillliant.

I'm not sure what SNL episode USA Today's Robert Bianco watched, but Betty White's SNL episode was certainly not mediocre. 

In fact, the Betty White SNL episode ranks up there with the great Saturday Night Live shows of all time. 

From her opening monologue to the the MacGruber sketches and the NPR skit, the episode was chok full of edgy, bawdy humor.  It was by far the best episode of SNL so far this year in what has been a fantastic 35th season.  It's been said probably 500,000 times, but she exudes a tremendous amount of screen presence and energy for an 88-year-old woman. 

For more clips of Betty White's SNL appearance, check out Hulu.