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Delonte West-Gloria James Rumor Is Ultimate Distraction for Lebron James pulling a "McNabb"


water cooler    logoOne day after Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers choked against the Boston Celtics there crazy rumors swirling about Lebron James' mom and Delonte West.

The word around the polluted grapevine of the internet is that Delonte West and Gloria James (Lebron James' mom) are involved a torrid love affair. And, this is why the Cleveland Cavaliers choked against the Boston Celtics-not because they were outplayed and Lebron pulled a "McNabb."

If anything this insane story just serves as a distraction from the real issue at hand-Lebron James' failure to get the job done in the playoffs.  He has officially become the Donovan McNabb of the NBA.  If I had a dime everytime some website says, "reports indicate" (insert BS rumor here) then I'd be a billionaire.  Associated Content put it out there that...you guessed it-reports indicated that Lebron James found out that his mother Gloria James and Delonte West were sleeping together just before game four.  

Like McNabb, Lebron James has won nothing.  He's earned all of the accolades (two MVPs) and earned a trip to the All-Star game every season except his rookie year.  He even played in the Finals for a chance to win the championship like Donovan McNabb, but came up short.

This year he pulled the ultimate "McNabb" by leading his team to an early exit from the playoffs when they were heavy favorites.  While it was against a former champion in ronde barber mcnabbthe Boston Celtics, the fact of the matter is that the Cavaliers were prohibitive favorites by NBA pundits to win the championship. It's a real head scratcher as to how the Cavs blew this one when they had an NBA-best 61 wins.  It's obvious that Lebron James isn't the player that Kobe Bryant is.  He's a scorer and a stats machine, but can't get it done in the clutch and he doesn't elevate the play of his teammates.  However, there are many who will make any excuse up they can for Lebron James' failures.  The New York Times put out a story about Lebron James' so-called elbow injury and how severe it was.  Funny we weren't alerted to this before or during the series. 

The Wall Street Journal is making excuses for Lebron James as well and even had the guts to say Kobe had two horrible "playoff" games against the Celtics two years ago. Excuse me, but Kobe Bryant won four championships.  Let me know when "King James" sniffs a championship trophy.

And, what are we talking about today? We're talking about a possible relationship between one of Lebron James' teammates (Delonte West) and his mother Gloria James.

Aside from this being one of those nasty internet rumors with no evidence whatsoever, it just serves to distract people from the real issue at hand, which is Lebron James' transformation into the Donovan McNabb of the NBA.  All of the Lebron supporters will point out that he had a triple double in game six, which may be the most hollow triple double in recent playoff memory.  It's akin to Donovan McNabb's 357 yard 3 TD performance in Super Bowl XXXIX against the Patriots.  On the surface the numbers looked good, but they didn't disguise the mistakes and the ultimate result-losing when it counts. 

When he bolts from Clevleand for New York, things won't be any easier as he'll be joining a team that stunk as much as the Philadelphia 76ers last year.  Lebron will then choke for the New York Knicks.